If We Had To Start Over, Start Fresh Or Reinvent Ourselves In Today's Shifting World & Economy With Limited Resources - All Without Leaving The House - This Is Exactly What We Would Do!

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The start over challenge is LIVE, interactive and begins when the timer hits 00:00 - get in before you miss out!

Gain The 7 Step Blueprint To Dominate The Information Age And Virtual Economy So You Can Create Next Level Success From What You Already Know...

Through 7 Days Of LIVE, Deep Dive Trainings! 

Plus When you register, I’ll donate 100 meals to Feeding America on your behalf!

What if this pandemic and economic downturn changed your life… for the better?

There’s probably a void in your life right now. Whether you love sports, church, traveling, staying late at the office or just going out with friends you’re probably wondering how to fill that time until things go back to normal…

What if you spent that time on your own success and happiness?

It’s time to become an investigative reporter. You already have immense knowledge, experience and skill but if you want to succeed while many industries fail, you need to apply your knowledge to the right industry and the right opportunity! 

This isn’t just about starting from ground zero… 

This is about starting fresh and reinventing yourself using the knowledge you already have, so you can thrive in an industry that will flourish during these times. 

What if, when this was all over you didn’t have to go back to that job you don’t like? What if you could travel more? 

What if you had MORE freedom, LESS worry and truly felt secure and independent for the first time in a long time (maybe ever)?

What if you took that void in your life and spent 7 days with me and some incredible guest experts learning the exact capabilities you need to make that a reality - from home? No matter where you’re starting, no matter how much money you have, no matter your level of experience…

This isn’t a magical money machine or a way to get rich overnight. You’ll have to work for it. But if you aren’t going to spend time building the life you want NOW, when you likely can’t leave the house other than to get groceries…

Will you ever?

This is the Start Over Challenge and if you accept, you’ll get everything I have to offer you over an entire week’s worth of live trainings and action steps to start making this real NOW. Not after the challenge is over, not next month… NOW. 

So… you in?

If you join now you’ll get access to: 

My most valuable trainings as I share them LIVE every day from May 13-19… 

I’ll donate 100 meals to Feeding America on your behalf... 

AND you’ll get immediate FREE access to the digital and audiobook versions of my brand new book, The Underdog Advantage. All for just $19.97!

ALL FOR JUST $19.97!

"How does this work?"

When you join, you’ll get invited to a private Facebook Group created just for the Start Over Challenge where I’ll go LIVE for at least one hour for 7 straight days. You’ll also get access to live, exclusive pre-event training leading up to our challenge start date on May 13!

I’ll send you reminders before I go live so you don’t miss out, and after every training you’ll have one specific Action Step to complete as part of this challenge. 

Plus I’ll be giving out prizes every day to reward the people who take MASSIVE action!

I will push you to be active and make the most of this challenge - if you’re trusting me to give you incredible value during these 7 days then I’m going to show you exactly what it takes to reinvent yourself for massive success and results in this new economy. 

“How do I know this is for me?”

Do you have access to the internet?

Do you have a phone and a computer?

Do you want a stable, successful and meaningful life and career?

Are you willing to work for it?

Then this is for you - end of discussion!!

“What will I gain from this?”

You’ll learn the exact 7 step process I would follow if I had to start over, start fresh and reinvent myself right now with very limited resources and I was stuck at home…

And if you say YES and play full out, by the end you’ll know exactly what you will offer the world... from home... how to package it... how to sell it... and how to scale it for ongoing success and growth. 

Here’s the schedule for my 7 days of training:

Day 1 (With Special Guest Tony Robbins): How To Create An Unstoppable Mindset During This Down Market

Day 2: How To Identify The Product Or Service You Will Offer To The World That Costs You Nothing To Create

Day 3: How To Determine Exactly Who Needs Your Product So You Know Who To Sell To

Day 4 (With Special Guest Brendon Burchard): How To Market Your Product AND Authentically & Effectively Sell (Without Feeling Like You’re Selling)

Day 5: How To Reach As Many People As Possible With No Marketing Costs So Your Virtual Offers Are Filled Up With Clients

Day 6: How To Create And Execute Your Virtual Offers, Trainings And Workshops

Day 7 (With Special Guest Jenna Kutcher): How To Scale Your Impact And Success With The Exact Steps To Take Once This Challenge Is Over To Keep Your Momentum Going 

“Why should I trust you?”

Great question and I get it - when the economy turns down like this, it feels like the internet is full of people trying to teach you how to get rich overnight. 

But that’s not me.

I started with next to nothing - grew up poor, never went to college, fought dyslexia in school and was told I’d work at my dad’s body shop for life. 

Fast forward 13 successful businesses and three decades later and I’ve pulled through 3 down markets and learned how to actually thrive when the economy plummets. 

And the best part?

I’ve done it selling a product that YOU can sell too that costs you absolutely nothing:


Am I promising you’ll become a millionaire overnight or at all selling by your knowledge? No. But I have helped thousands of people like you build successful and fulfilling businesses using knowledge that was already inside their heads, waiting to be tapped. 

But don’t just take it from me

Here’s what people who have taken my challenges and courses in the past had to say!

"The challenge has been amazing and has helped me look at life in a new perspective and create and actually live my dreams!"


"I was highly skeptical at first, but The Better Life Challenge is the single greatest tool I've ever used to kickstart my life."


The impact on my life has been HUGE and the impact on my business continues to be felt. Absolutely fantastic! Highly recommend!


“Dean and Tony have me shaking, crying, laughing, having multiple breakdowns followed immediately by breakthroughs…”


"I would like to thank Dean Graziosi and his team for creating these challenges. Thank you for your dedication and for helping all of us in this community to have a better life!"


"So happy to have been a part of this. I am more focused, motivated and committed to my (9 year) coaching career more than ever… The timing was perfect! I was ready!"


“What an unbelievable collection of Wisdom and Guidance. Many thanks to Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Both are forces for good and inspire the whole world.” 


"Dean! I have no words! You are incredible! Know I’m in the right place! The corporate world needs this POSITIVE success culture!"


“This right here is the keys to freedom. It’s the keys to the life you’re looking for.” 


The changes are huge. More motivated, stronger, full of new ideas. I know what my goal is. To take control of my life. Thank you Dean.


“[Tony and Dean] have given me the inspiration and motivation to find the ONE THING that I love doing most in the entire world, and I am overflowing with joy.”


"Definitely found what I was looking for, definitely next level, unbelievable transformation, and I could not make a better decision than choosing this challenge. It was an incredibly phenomenal experience!"


"I have loved seeing Dean’s happy face every day and his enthusiasm is absolutely wonderful! I am now even more positive and motivated to get my business to where I want it to be and I will! Thank you Dean!"


“I really wasn’t fulfilled and just needed to jump off the hamster wheel. …I knew right away this is what I needed to be a part of. I could not have asked for anything better.” 


when you accept this challenge today, you’ll get exclusive access to:

Daily LIVE Trainings On The 7 Steps I Would Take If Starting Over:

I’ll be LIVE in our private “Start Over Challenge” Facebook Group at 11 AM PST every day May 13 - 19. Over that time I’ll share the exact steps I would take (and have taken) to build and scale a successful business selling a product that costs you nothing to produce: your own knowledge and experience. 

Underdog Advantage Audiobook & Digital Versions

My brand new and best book of all time will allow you to build a foundation before we even start this challenge… and show you how to tap into the hidden unfair advantages in your own life that are disguised as disadvantages right now. 

I’ll Donate 100 Meals Through Feeding America

The world needs us now more than ever and it’s our responsibility to help those without food on the table whenever we can… so I’ll donate 100 meals on your behalf when you accept the Start Over Challenge!

 Instant Download Of The Start Over Challenge Workbook 

I’m not here to give you capabilities that you’ll never use. When these 7 days are over, you’ll be further along than when you started and I’m making sure of it by giving you daily “Action Steps” to start building your mission NOW. This includes a worksheet for each Action Step you'll complete during the Start Over Challenge.

REMEMBER: You probably can’t spend any time on…


In-Person Religious Gatherings.


Working Late At The Office

Time With Friends

You CAN spend time on Reinventing Yourself To Thrive In This New Economy And Virtual World. 

Accept the Start Over Challenge Today!

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